Saturday, November 28, 2020
Heritage Specialty Insurance

"Helping our agents stand out among the competition."

At Heritage Specialty Insurance, we assist our agency partners daily in placing their customers' coverage with one of the many fine markets we represent. Heritage offers a financially stable and trusted mix of both admitted and surplus line carriers to our agents and can provide them almost any casualty or property product they may not have direct access to. While construction related risks have traditionally been our major area of focus we have markets to assist with virtually any type of business or situation. We attempt to not burden our agents with cumbersome paperwork and will only request supplemental applications when required. Learn more about what we do at Heritage Specialty Insurance.

Who We Are

Heritage Specialty Insurance Agency, LP is a wholesale, general lines agency specializing in commercial insurance risks in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Washington. Located in Colleyville, Texas the entity currently known as Heritage Specialty has been in continuous operation since 2004 while our owners and staff have multiple decades of combined insurance experience from various facets of the industry. Currently, Heritage Specialty represents insurance agencies located throughout four states. We have been fortunate to gain agency clientele with diverse interests, market share, backgrounds and needs and thus have found markets to provide coverage for almost any Casualty risk.  Learn more about who we are.


609 Cheek Sparger Rd.
Suites 110, 112 & 114 
Colleyville, Texas 76034
Phone: (866) 544-1900
Fax: (866) 832-0984
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