Thursday, October 22, 2020
What We Do

At Heritage Specialty Insurance, we assist our agent partners in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas daily in placing their customers' coverage with one of the many fine markets represented by Heritage Specialty. We offer a financially stable and trusted mix of both admitted and surplus line carriers to our agents and can provide them almost any casualty or property product they may not have direct access to.

While construction related risks have traditionally been our major area of focus we have markets to assist with virtually any type of business or situation. We attempt to not burden our agents with cumbersome paperwork and will only request supplemental applications when required.  Heritage will always work to provide quotes in a timely and competitive fashion and it is our goal to help our agency partners stand out among their competition.

Our major areas of focus for casualty products are: Homebuilders, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Tradesmen, Oil & Gas, Restaurant, Bar & Tavern, Liquor Liability (either as part of a package or mono-line), Manufacturing, General Business, Security Providers, Environmental Contractors & Consultants, Contractors' Pollution & Professional Liability, Errors & Omissions (E&O), Directors & Officers (D&O), Digital General & Professional Liability, Aboveground & Underground Storage Tank Pollution Liability, International Contractors' Packages, Vacant Buildings, Vacant Land, Special Events and much more.  Heritage can provide multiple types of coverage including Umbrella or Excess Liability, Inland Marine including large Builders Risk and Equipment Floaters plus Property coverage for contractor risks and we do offer a Workers Compensation market for those larger, harder to place risks.

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